Biotouch Certification Course

Sunday February 16th 2014 - Thurdsay February 20th (9AM-5PM)
5 Day Course to Become a Permanent Makeup Technician

Courses Include

  • Makeup Machine Kit

  • Class Supply Kit

  • Certificate Awarded

Contact: Thu Bui at Salon 4316
3600 North Star # 120 Richardson TX 75082
(P) 972-907-3763 (C) 972-632-7038 (F) 972-516-1623

Bio-Touch Permanent Makeup Course 

Course Outline

You’ll Be Able to Perform What You’ve Learned

Color Theory & Use

  • Pigment removal
  • Choosing colors for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner
  • Color correction and camouflaging
  • Skin tone interpretation
  • Written color theory test

Eye Liner

  • How to avoid smears and smudges
  • Achieving good symmetry and density
  • Controlling pain in eye area

Lip Liner

  • Lip color retention
  • Application of topical anesthetics
  • Enlarging or minimizing lip size


  • Learn artistic techniques
  • Shaping, filling and coloring of eyebrows
  • Correct techniques for applying anesthetics
  • Prevent & correct blue, purple brows

Permanent Makeup Machine

  • Machine assembly for correct operation
  • Identification of parts
  • Machine positioning and skin support

Lab Practice & Performance

  • Hands-on with life-like mannequins and live models
  • How to correct possible mistakes
  • Comprehensive needle use and application
  • Effective, up-to-date, topical, anesthetic techniques
  • Build confidence… and more

1-day Advanced Course Outline


  • Perfecting uneven eyebrow technique
  • Preventing and correcting brow color fading and casts
  • Techniques for eliminating touch-ups
  • Techniques for applying anesthetics
  • Creating hair strokes for a super-realistic 3-D look
  • Hair Stroke Tempering
  • Adding life and realism to old brows


Eye Liner

  • The 3-minute eye liner technique
  • Working with client’s skin type and pigment acceptance
  • Preventing pigment fading and beading
  • Correcting for blue and gray color casts
  • Different thicknesses of eyeliner and tail
  • Advanced eye shadow techniques

Lip Liner

  • The 5-minute lip liner technique
  • Lip liner and full lip differentiation
  • Techniques for correcting blue-shade lips
  • Proper use of round or flat needles
  • Lip color retention

Color Theory and Pigment Use

  • Understanding skin undertones that affect color shifts
  • Color correction and custom pigment formulations
  • Enhancing client’s inherent natural beauty
  • Alternatives to permanent makeup for non-candidates


  • Reshaping and redesigning old eyebrow, lip and eye liner
  • Correcting camouflaging mistakes and problems

Professional Market Development

  • Increasing business by committing to excellence
  • Overcoming consumer objections
  • Developing exceptional presentation skills
  • Increasing your confidence and professionalism
  • Become a highly skilled certified technician

1-day Feather Touch Course Outline

  • Introduction & Layout
  • Introduction of the Feather Touch Kit
  • Layout with pencil to ensure brow shape, position, arch
  • and tail

Special Techniques

  • Revolutionary new needles
  • Hands-on practice with 5-brow practice skin and live models

Additional Business

  • Generating market demand for returning clients

Course Details

Feather Touch